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About Us

Welcome to Al Bastaki Business Services

Who Are We

Al Bastaki Business Services was incorporated in 2000 to carry on business as a corporate venturing and management advisory company. Also specializes in business services for companies and individuals establishing a commercial presence in Dubai and the UAE. In addition we offer the complete range of business setup services including licensing, PRO, business management services, company formation services, accounting, industry insights and strategic consultancy. However For all foreign companies it is necessary to have a UAE citizen as partner or agent.

Unfortunately, it is too often that we see businesses fail due to poor planning. As well part of our business advisory services at Al Bastaki, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your business’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, so making sure you bulletproof your business and set yourself up for a successful and prosperous future.

Altogether With years of experience in your industry, Such as our dedicated specialists provide strategic advice, practical solutions and best practice processes to ensure you are compliant, competitive and successful. What sets our Business Services specialists apart is their ability to provide exceptional personal service that results in strong relationships however large or small the organization happens to be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional service and to follow through on our promises. We’re passionate about seeing small business thrive. We’re committed to utilising our expertise across all facets of business planning to advise you on how to reach your goals. 

Working side by side with our clients, the highly curated team at Al Bastaki offers end to-end solutions tailored to your business needs and designed to enhance performance.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create the road to success for international brands and companies in the dynamic, promising, market of Dubai and across the UAE.

Why Choose Us?

Our team of international business consultants share their insights on what it takes to break down your company’s national borders and run a successful middle east operation.

We always invite you to meet and discuss your exact needs clearly and how we can help.

Al Bastaki business services is a member of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for young business leaders and of Chambers of Commerce and Industry – Dubai.

Our team of skilled and experienced consultants conduct market research and identify markets specially for your products and services. Also Our multilingual team will help you with the addition of language and cultural barriers.

The overriding reason to go global, of course, is to improve you for expansion and growth.

Visibility on the Dubai’s fast growing market where each significant brand tries to be present which opens you the road to any other market worldwide.

We build the relationship based on trust and expertise, Also we treat every situation as unique and will build a team around you to deliver creative, entrepreneurial advice that you can trust.

We help your business become more cost effective, by implementing strategies for reducing and controlling operating costs which provides potential savings in the current financially challenging environment.

So We provide useful tools for allocating resources such as setting standards, evaluating performance, controlling costs, reviewing purchasing procedures, consolidations and providing in depth analyses. As well as We are always here to help you through any challenging financial situation.

International marketing provides a host of benefits to a business, from helping to broaden customer base to improving the reputation of the brand also improving the return on capital, to diversify the revenue stream and give a business the distinct advantage of connecting with new customers and new business partners. 

It’s simple, the more places your business is, the more connections it can make.

We keep our clients updated with regular news and relevant topics about the market as well as various research reports and guides, social media and blog articles. 

This means we are socially active and keep our clients updated with the new laws and regulations. Not just that, In addition we also inspire them with the fresh business opportunities and ideas.

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